Telford and Wrekin Snowline

Telephone 01952 380100


It is always the intention of the school to stay open during periods of adverse weather and the decision to close is never taken lightly. However, in the very rare event that we are left with no option but to close early, your child’s welfare is of the utmost importance to us as always.

Please listen to your local radio station and visit the Telford and Wrekin School Closure website for information.


The school will make every effort to inform you via telephone that the school is closing early due to adverse weather. No child will be allowed to leave school unless their parent/carer or named adult collects them. School will stay open until the last child is collected.

The Telford and Wrekin School Closure website will be updated through the day with
information about the closure. Please make sure you re-visit the site during the day.


Snow Policy and Procedures 2014


The aim of this document is to set out clear procedures to ensure the maximum safety of the children and to provide as much guidance as we can, using a variety of communication methods to maximise the delivery of accurate and timely information to parents, pupils and staff; To apply internal systems and procedures to ensure that the levels of communication, an effective process of pupil dispersal and appropriate use of staff will ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children and staff throughout the process of early closure.


School closure before the start of the school day

If before the start of the school day the decision is made to remain closed due to adverse weather conditions, the decision will be made following consultation between the Chair of Governors, Head teacher and the Cleaner in Charge. The current weather conditions and the likelihood of further snow for example, will help determine whether or not to open the school.


Once the decision to close is made then this will be communicated to the local authority by the Head Teacher on the Snowline and this will in turn be collected by local radio stations. Parents can access the Local Authority School Closure pages to see whether the school is closed as well as listen to local radio stations. Staff will be informed by telephone.


If possible a decision will be made at the end of the day if the school is to remain closed or will open as normal the following day. Again this information will be shared with the Local Authority and local radio stations as appropriate.


School closure during the school day

Every effort will be made to keep the school open until the end of the school day (3.00pm). However, if there is heavy snowfall and the school is forced to make the decision to close earlier, then the following will also be taken into consideration:


  • Pupils who rely on lifts home from their parents
  • Staff who travel a distance
  • The ability to successfully communicate closure information in a timely manner


If the school closes early then the following will take place:


  • The Local Authority will be informed of the decision
  • Staff will be informed and they will inform children
  • Parents/carers will be informed using telephone
  • Staff will assist with dismissing all other students as parents/carers arrive to collect them
  • The School Administrator will manage the telephone
  • Staff who live a distance from the school may request to leave early, however the decision will be based on the supervision of children in their care
  • As soon as the last children/staff member has left, the school will be secured and will remain closed until the decision is made to open




1. Autumn term - school updates website information regarding school closure due to snow.


2. The Head Teacher will co-ordinate events and procedures.

3. Pupils will remain in their classes until they are collected by their parent / carer or a named adult.

4. School will remain open until the last pupil has left the building.

5. If at 3.00 pm teachers still have pupils in their care, these pupils will be looked after until they are collected by their parent or a named adult.

6. Throughout the day, staff will be kept informed of events and if they have any queries they should contact the Head Teacher.


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