School Uniform

Our uniform, bags and PE kits are stocked in Mary’s Tot’s and Teen’s, 9 Stafford Street, Newport, TF10 7LU.


We cannot stress strongly enough that ALL items worn to school should be marked clearly. Please check regularly that names are still visible.


Girls: Winter Grey skirt or pinafore dress (navy or grey jogging trousers may also be worn).

Navy sweatshirt or v-necked jumper or cardigan.

Blue polo shirt or blouse.

Summer Blue and white striped or checked school dress, or as winter.


Boys: Winter Grey long or short trousers.

Navy sweatshirt or v-necked jumper.

Blue polo shirt or shirt.

Summer as winter


Both boys and girls should wear sensible outdoor shoes.


For purposes of hygiene and safety, long hair should be tied back/plaited.


With the exception of pierced ear studs (which should be removed or taped over for PE/sports), jewellery is not permitted in school.


PE Kit: White t-shirt and blue shorts or jogging bottoms with trainers