Autumn Term 2019 Homework

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Year 2 Common Exception Word List

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Flipped Learning Homework


What is it?

Traditional homework is set after a lesson in school.


'Flipped Learning' gets pupils to do homework before a lesson giving it more of a purpose and value. This method has been seen to have an impact on progress and attainment in class.


Why are we doing it?

After trialling this type of homework both classes have produced some excellent projects and feel parents and children have really enjoyed and benefitted from working together.


We would appreciate your support and views to see how we can improve this home-school link.


How will we do it?

We will be setting tasks and activities for children to complete at home to prepare for further study in school. This may require internet access.


(If you do not have access please could you inform us so that we provide a paper based equivalent or arrange internet access in school.)


How can you help?

  • Make sure your child completes the tasks before the lesson in school.

  • Identify the important information within the task.

  • Talk to your child and encourage them to ask questions.

    Help resolve questions by looking in books, on the internet, or asking the teacher.