Shropshire Centenary Sculpture

Last week the Shropshire Centenary Sculpture was unveiled during a very moving ceremony.

The time and effort some of our children put into writing names of fallen soldiers with links to Church Aston is quite breath taking and everyone present  at the ceremony last week was astounded to hear the incredible involvement all the children had. So thank you!


The sculpture is available to view for free at St chad’s Church in Shrewsbury up until early August so we have been asked by the Royal British Legion to invite you to take your children to see the full scale of the piece they helped create.


St Chad's is open daily 8am - 4pm and welcomes visitors, but if you are making a special journey please contact the church office on 01743 365478 to check that there are no events planned for the church which would restrict access.


After August the artwork will be on the move, but they are still looking for suggestions!


100 years ago the First World War ended, and a new world began. The example and experience of those who lived through it shaped the world we live in today. In 2018 The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.