Playground Grand Opening

We are very pleased to be able to reopen our new playground area.

We have had the AstroTurf renewed and a play tower built.  Our children will now have greater opportunity to develop their physical skills, a new space to explore creatively and with imagination and most importantly to have lots of fun with their friends.


This project has only been possible with the support of our staff, parents, Governors, the local community and Friends of School.  Thank you to all those who have given their time, skills and advice over the last few weeks.


The children have been involved in the project from the very beginning from choosing the AstroTurf to helping prepare for the work to start, they have watched the project unfold and have been looking forward to trying out their new equipment. 


We are very grateful to the Mayor, Mr Peter Scott, and the Town Crier, Mr Peter Taunton, for joining us to officially open our new playground.  In addition thank you to them for presenting our newly elected School Council with their certificates. It made our playground opening a very special morning.


Some Quotes from the children below. 


"Lifting the astroturf was quite heavy because it was very sandy and wet, it was hard work but I enjoyed it, when I got home I couldn’t even play on my ipad because my arms hurt so much."

"The climbing frame is gigantic, I’m looking forward to going on the climbing wall."

"I think it’s amazing, I can’t wait go down the slide!"

"It’s a bit like a park!"

"We can play hide and seek underneath it."

"It could be a pirate ship or a space rocket or an aeroplane."

"It could be a superhero base."

"It has a slide."

"It was easy to build because they used the instructions to build it."

"I’m going to play on everything, hang on everything upside down like a chimpanzee."