Children Settle Back Into School

It has been wonderful to see how well all the children have settled into school. They are now familiar with all the routines of the day and enjoying time playing and working with their friends.

It has been lovely getting to know all the new children in our school and seeing friendships being formed.

This week we reintroduced the Team spirit within the school and announced what teams the new children would be in. They have been working hard over the last week to gain tokens and the first winning team of the new school term was Blue Team. They received an extra playtime as a reward.

We were really impressed with the new reception children using the passwords provided to access Mathletics at home. In our celebration assembly this week more Class 1 children received their certificates and so this has created a competitive spirit as Class 2 want to try and get the most certificates next week. If your child asks for your help to access Mathletics, it would be appreciated if you can initially show them how to do this using the passwords in their home reading diaries. If you have any difficulty with this then please let their class teacher know. Good luck everyone!

We have also had a fabulous response for our After School Clubs facility and hope that your child has been enjoying them. If you need to book a club then please contact Mrs Reynolds to secure a place.