Filename Size Date
eal-policy-2019.pdf 313.6KB 20/07/2020
whole-school-food-policy-2017.pdf 342.1KB 20/07/2020
Accessibility Statement 2021.pdf 174.0KB 19/10/2021
SEND Offer 2022.pdf 186.8KB 08/04/2022
Equalities Policy 2023.pdf 247.7KB 19/09/2023
Equality Information and Objectives Statement 2023.pdf 124.7KB 19/09/2023
Principles of Behaviour 2023.pdf 84.0KB 12/10/2023
Attendance Policy 2024.pdf 256.4KB 20/02/2024
Charging and Remissions Policy 2024.pdf 206.1KB 20/02/2024
Complaints Policy 2024.pdf 331.1KB 20/02/2024
SEND Information Report 2023-2024.pdf 205.4KB 20/02/2024
SEND Policy 2024.pdf 321.5KB 20/02/2024
Bereavement Policy.pdf 214.9KB 11/07/2024
Breakfast Club Policy.pdf 213.0KB 11/07/2024
Behaviour Policy.pdf 302.0KB 11/07/2024